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مكتبات الجامعات المصرية
شبكة المخطوطات العربية
Cairo International Festival for Arabic Calligraphy
The BA Cairo-based Sennary House, in cooperation with the Egyptian Association for Arabic Calligraphy, holds the Cairo International Festival for Arabic Calligraphy, from 24 to 30 November 2012. The Festival features an exhibition for works by Arabic calligraphy pioneers from Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, and Turkey, a series of public lectures, workshops for school students and educational courses. El-Sennary House organizes various activities including cultural salons, art exhibitions, concerts, educational courses in Calligraphy, Hieroglyphics and Coptic Language, and scientific roundtable discussions on different levels, in an aim to revive the role of L'Institut d'Egypte, which was established by Napoleon Bonaparte in El-Sennary House.

Source: Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Publishing Date : 26/11/2012
Last Updated : 22/6/2018                  Publishing Date since year 2008
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